prayer requests:

Yoko - personal issues & crippling anxiety

Pat (end of life) and family

Greenrow Church to be filled

Shirley - cancer


Orla - Downs Syndrome

Young people as they finish for the holidays

My Niece's depression

Patrick's Family in another country - for their health & safety

Alistair - for success


Anonymous - overwhelmed by guilt, frustration & feelings of failure

A & P - marriage

Children of the community affected by loss / challenging home life

A - for a new job (just been sacked)

Betty - Hiatus hernia

Patricia - health / old age & grandson (family relations)

End to the virus

My family - especially girl with mental health issues

for a normal life

Mr H - over 100 years old, not very well

For Carol & Nick

For a stress-free day at work

Lois - for her family

J & A - blessings for both

Safety for the children in schools until end of term

My daughter - husband has just left her

My daughter - depresion

Lady with head injury

Dreamscheme (Aspatria) - for projects and for funding

Alissa - just split up from boyfriend and has no friends

Sophie - paediatric assessment on Tues 13th

My brother - heart problems

Moving house

Amy - illness following vaccine

Ian & Jane - for a healthy grandson (due Dec 21) following several miscarriages

Pat - keep my family safe

Bereaved lady - lost her husband

Laura - nurse. To come to faith

Rita -Struggles of the week:
. Vaccine
. Headstone
. holiday

Sam - broken & dislocated wrist & operation - for recovery and freedom from pain

Karen - for healing

Ron - Parkinsons

Anon - lost my husband at start of lockdown - lost & lonely

Wife died - still miss her

Sharon - lost her mum who means the world to her

R&C - for our journey to see family and friends

Family of CB who died in care from Covid, daughter (L) was unable to attend funeral

Ann & ken -
Ann has hurt her back & has alzheimers

prayer of thanks for my family

Ann B

Ann - upcoming eye operation

Anon- anxiety as Covid restrictions are to be lifted

Pat - recent cancer diagnosis

Bobby - lost 10 family members in 5 years

Stella - for my back, and my family

Isobel - health

Fred - collapsed yesterday (Sun)

Ryan & Neve - expecting twins in Sept, for healthy babies

Glyn - damaged eye & lung and broken collar bone after accident. Can no longer work

Tina - depression

Anon - didn't want to share


Dirk - not well

Anon - sore shoulder, affecting use of arm

Owen - covid

Brian - sick

Ian - for my family A, D & J, may they find peace & happiness

Hayley - for Matt's driving licence to come back quickly

Maurice - for a long & happy life

Remember all the families who are sick & in trouble at the moment

Michael - for my elderly relative who lives alone and needs peace of mind

young woman with breast cancer

anon - stress

Help for farmers

for my colleague - just lost beloved pet after 15 years

the Mann family, especially Emily who is sick with Covid

Broken family, difficult situation - for justice and hope

for our children to be able to learn well again

for Julie - that her operation might be helpful to her & peace for her family

Elaine - poorly mother

Ian - for hope & strength

anon - chicken pox

End to home-schooling

for all thoise working in health care, for outstanding efforts during pandemic

Staff & children of Castercliff school who have recently had a member of staff die

for kindness & forgiveness

Anon - a date for moving

Anon - my bad back

Marion - Pray for the work of Mothers Union & the wonderful support they offer

Derek - physical & mental health. Cateract op on 17th July

For me to find the strength to face the next few months - my whole world is changing & it's emotionally very difficult

Annette - a happier life for my children & grand-children

the "l" family - especially M who has covid

For staff & children at the junior school, for a happy & safe holiday

Anon - financial situation

Dawn - for peace and comfort following a nasty letter

Vic - awaiting results from a biopsy (possible cancer)

for our finances

For my grandson Kyle, who has autism

for my youngest daughter & her dysfunctional family and her mental health


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