M:brace | 7:30pm | 3rd Sunday

M-Brace is an informal worship service where we spend time singing worship songs, praying and sharing. There are times of quiet when we wait upon God.

Not everyone likes the idea of sitting in silence for any length of time – many of us have sat in prayer meetings when no one spoke, and it can feel endless. But in the context of worship, and with our focus on the presence of God, it is not an awkward silence, but something we hope is a healing and helpful experience. Psalm 112 tell us  – “in Gods presence is fullness of Joy”.

Our hope for M-Brace is that we will continue to experience the presence of God in a deeper way, and that we would know His voice speaking into our lives and that of our Churches. We pray that God would lay on our hearts a burden for the things that burden Him.