New Mums group

What will it look like?

A weekly gathering for new mums to bring their babies and chat (with other actual grown-ups!) about whatever’s on your mind.  We’ll supply a basket of toys for you to enteratin your baby with while you do that.   You can share as much or as little as you like. 

The group will be led by Judith Parr, our Outreach Worker, who has a degree in Early Years and teaches Baby Massage.  Read more about her here: 

What's a "new" mum?

Well, that’s up to you.  If you feel like a new mum, then this group is for you.  However, we can only take non-mobile babies for the moment. 

What can we offer?

Absolutely no judgement

Turn up in your pj’s – we don’t care.  Got baby sick down your shoulder?  Isn’t that standard wear for a new mum?  Not brushed your hair for a week?  Do we look like we’re bothered?  We’re building a group where we won’t be judging each other, just offering support and friendship.  You’re welcome to breastfeed or change a dirty nappy too. 

No pressure

We’d love to live in a world where everyone turns up on time and attends every week and replies to every message, but babies have never heard of that world!  Come just once, come late every time, come as you are – you are welcome!  If you can’t string a sentence together becasue of sleep deprivation, come and just sit.

A private group

If people would like a private Whatsapp or messenger group for support during the rest of the week, we can set this up too.

Ready to join or want more info?

Fill in the form below so we’ve got some details and we’ll contact you to confirm your place, or just ask a question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Postal Address

50 High Street, Wigton, CA7 9PG


016973 42468


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