Place of calm

Place of calm runs on Wednesdays at 2pm, currently on Zoom.  Contact Judith to join, for the Zoom link or for more information. 

Busy? Stressed?

Life can be so busy and our minds even more so!  Why not take half-an-hour out of your day to get some headspace and find a sense of peace and calm?  Judith, our Outreach Worker, leads our meditation and relaxation sessions each week, to help relax and refresh body, mind and soul. 

The Perfect antidote

Place of Calm does what it says on the tin!  It is a space for you to relax, take notice of your thoughts and reconnect with your spirit.  Our meditations are often linked to Bible stories or verses, and our hope is that you will  experience God’s peace, but that doesn’t happen for everyone and you are welcome to join us whether you believe or not.  

Have a taster

Sessions are currently running on Zoom, and are also recorded for YouTube.  If you’d like to see what the meditation bit is like, you can click through to our YouTube channel (button below) to try one out.  On Zoom we also have a short time of optional sharing afterwards.  Whilst we are meditating, you can keep your camera off – whatever you feel most comfortable with. 

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