Schools work

Cornerstone Methodists have been involved in schools work for a number of years covering the schools across the Cornerstone communities.

We take assemblies in quite a few of the local schools with after schools also a central part of our ministry. In our Abbeytown community we are on the board of governors which involves a great deal of in school work. As well as assemblies, out team have been involved in RE lessons and forest days.

In a disagreement with his disciples Jesus said “let the children come to me”. For Jesus, their innocence, inquisitive nature and honest understanding of the world around them where the ideal model of how we should relate to God. Children have therefore been a central part of the church family and involvement in the education sector has been a significant part of early Methodist ministry, not just being involved in schools but also providing schools who could not afford education at that time. We hope to continue that within our ministry at Cornerstone Methodists.