Small groups

Enjoy life together

Small groups are central to the life of our church. The “Classes” and “Bands” of early Methodism were one of the real strengths of the church at that time and indeed some of the fastest growing churches this century are built on the very similar “cell church” model. 

In these home groups we enjoy life together, build closer friendships and support one another as well as engaging with God through worship, the bible and prayer.

The vision

Our vision for home groups is that they will build people up to let their light shine in their daily lives as well as reaching out to others as a group.

We have several small groups running during the week, meeting in people’s homes – some meet weekly, some less frequently. Some groups may run for a particular season, such as Lent or Advent.  Most will involve some kind of food.  We would encourage anyone in the church to join a small group and enjoy the many benefits they can bring.

If you’re interested in joining a small group, we’d love to chat with you and help you find a good fit. 

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