The town of Wigton is a bustling community that on the edge of the Solway plain and with good links to Carlisle. At times out church community there is just as busy with a variety of worship services and outreach activities that run through the week.

On a Sunday morning, around 60-70 of us gather for worship using a mix of modern and traditional songs. The Wigton community also offers young peoples work for all ages along side the Sunday morning worship. Later on a Sunday we see worship continue either in the form of Messy church or through our monthly M:brace services.

During the week, their are activities most days that help people dig deeper in to their relationship with God or serve him by serving others. Our home groups operate three nights a week, food bank twice a week, and then there are a number of kids activities and the weekly coffee morning that seems to be constantly full. However you wish to express your devotion to God, there is usually something on in Cornerstone’s Wigton community.